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GHOST ARMY - Man vs Machine (Biomechanix Records)

by Biomechanix Records



Ghost army is a project that stand for psychedelic trance with no boundaries, in this ep it chargues the atmosphere of new sounds, creepy ambiances and psychedelic structures, this is a special taste of what is coming in 2011 for ghost army and biomechanix, this ep gathers 3 tracks of the most classic GA style 3 tracks coming out from the vault, and prepares you for GA new production Ep coming 2011 in Biomechanix

About The ghost army project:

At the begining we decided to put our time and efforts in create a music laboratorie, gather some machines and start to experiment with that sound we catched at forest parties at the outsides, with shamans like Olly Wisdom and Bill bagins, Simon posford hiting us with goa trance in early 1998 in that time we (Mauricio rivera, Diego ornelas, Alfredo baillet) started the project under the name Logarythm, we orientated our music to the dancefloor our first production was like an learning curve, but at the end with the very valuable help of Carlos Siliceo who in that time was writing and producing under the name Sharigrama we managed to have some sucefully presentations at small venues on distrito federal, then after a while we realised that we should start to take things more serious, we decided to split, Diego became a successfull industrial designer, and Mauricio a diver and went to live Playa del carmen.
I kept in music and continued the LogArythm project, studied more about it, courses of audio engineering and music production technologies, and start to became more and more aware about the structure, and how can i get a sound of my own. at the same time i started to work on audiovisual path and live audio presentations wich give a lot of experience for the future with audio equipments and event logistic.
i have played in many states of mexico, and with many wonderfull artists from my country and from the world, but he most i can say about my music is that is always catchy and tripy, you can pull one of my tracks to smash a dancefloor at a forest party, or just grab one to drive your car and have a nice trip, anyways is garanteed that you will have a serious blend of originality and power, designed to emulate many aspects of contemporary music mixed with emotions.... pure gonzo journalism. Ghost army Project is a psychedelic dark project with a large influence of horror films, comic books and sci-fi movies, was born oriented to the dancefloor. Trying just like all other projects of mine, to develop a unique sound to call their own.


released July 27, 2011


all rights reserved


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